“can i get uhhhhhh….”

“can i get uhhhhhh….” is probably my tastiest sculpture to date. An homage to growing up in new york. Made of cardboard, vinyl, plexiglass, and photos (both digital & film), I aimed to re-contextualize some bodega favorites from your late night ventures. I see this piece growing into something much larger, plus it gives me more of an excuse to hit up the corner store.

Prototype 22

Prototype 22 was made using steel, neon wire, foam board, and a series of glass and mirrors for its infinity like effect. Its form is a disjointed cube, with the neon weaving through the creases ultimately connecting to the mirror in the front.

The idea for this came from my experience over the last few months with prototyping. It challenged me to think about what a prototype is and what it can be. It is a work in progress, imperfect, but intentional all the same.